Living In Fear Over Poor Hygiene

As more and more studies are published on the dangers of hygiene levels and spreading of infections in public spaces, an increasing number of people are rearranging their lives because of such fears.

In conjunction with Global Hand Washing Day, which was held on October 15, a report revealed about two-thirds of people either avoid get-togethers and crowds or cancel their plans altogether due to fears over poor hygiene levels.

It appears that following good hygiene practices such as washing hands with antibacterial soap from the soap dispenser and drying with paper towels from a paper towel dispenser to keep from spreading bacteria is not enough to quench fears over sanitation.

In the survey of more than 7,000 people across nine counties, including the UK, Germany, China, France, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and the US were questioned about their views on hygiene.

Half of the individuals who participated said they did not use public toilets and a quarter of the subjects refused to use public showers or swim in a public pool at health clubs.

Furthermore, the report entitled Hygiene Matters revealed that 1 in 10 people have turned down invitations to dinners at friend’s houses because they were concerned about the level cleanliness.

Mark Woodhead, Chairman of the British Cleaning Council said: “We are surrounded by hygiene in our daily lives, and this report shows that cleanliness is one of the most important factors when people are making decisions.

“From the predictable; public toilets, to the more subtle; dinner at a friend’s house, the survey emphasises the importance of good hygiene and clean environments in public and private places.”

As the Christmas season begins, social gatherings become frequent, but how many people will miss out due to fears over hygiene?