Keeping your school clean and safe during the summer holidays

This is a guide for all school caretakers using washroom services. Over the longest of the school breaks, the summer holiday, it is a priority to keep the building clean and secure.

Security: Unauthorised Access & Arson

There are a few very simple measures that can deter anti-social behaviour from your school.

Unauthorised Access

It is essential to deter unauthorised access to the building and surrounding site. Make sure all fencing is secure and maintained throughout the holiday period. Check to make sure all outdoor lighting is working and also make sure all gates are locked and secured. Where possible it can be a good idea to carry out a few routine checks to make sure everything is in order.

When securing the school building, simple checks can make the difference between an easy target and the building staying safe all summer. Confirm all doors and windows are locked and secured. Make sure vulnerable points are not easily accessible. Test the alarm system, and double check key holder records are up to date. Closing curtains and blinds can be a simple deterrent that will stop possible intruders wanting to gain access. Removing valuable items, such as laptops or TV’s, from view and properly securing them will remove attention from the building. Thieves have also been known to steal or damage low value items such as a soap dispenser or even a toilet roll dispenser.


School buildings can be a likely target for arson, therefore it can be a good idea to make sure all external bins are emptied and put away from the building. Reduce, and if possible empty the content of any external buildings, for example sheds. Ensure, where possible, all combustible items are secured away or in a well lit area. By removing and reducing possible places and items that could be a target you will reduce the risk of a potential fire.

If the worst case scenario is realised and there is a fire, there are many things that can reduce potential damage. Ensure all internal doors are closed, secure valuable items or remove from school site if possible, ensure all are marked with a UV pen or similar. All other important documents should be kept in secure cabinets in an alarmed zone.

As a janitor you can play a key role in protecting the school building and

site throughout the holidays and help reduce the likelihood of criminal activity

and damage.

Clean and tidy

Checking all washroom services are in order as you prepare the school for the holiday period gives you an opportunity to make sure all soap dispensers are re-filled ready to go at the start of the new term and make sure all soap dispensers are in working order.

Ensure stocks of hand towels etc are all in place and that carpets are cleaned where required.