Hassle-free waste bin rentals and collections

Now more than ever, keeping your workspaces clean and hygienic is imperative to stay on top of disease and germ-spreading. Apart from regular and thorough cleaning, the removal of potentially contaminated waste is also important.

Here you’ll find information on how you should properly manage this kind of material with bin rentals, how we can remove this waste and the other Janitorial Direct services available to help you stay compliant and clean.

The government has specific instructions available for those who are self-isolating with the COVID-19 virus, especially in regards to personal waste. For example, tissues or anything with bodily fluids on must be secured and kept separate from your usual household waste. This is due to the special attention and disposal needed to prevent germs spreading. And the same is true for medical and offensive waste in the workplace.

The 1991 Duty of Care Act states that companies have the responsibility to correctly dispose of these kinds of waste. In other words, the proper process has to be followed to reduce the risk of transmission.

“The Duty of Care requires you as the producer of waste to take all reasonable measures to ensure that waste leaving your site is dealt with correctly”

1991 Duty of Care Act

Here at Janitorial Direct, we’re authorised by the Environment Agency to help with this. But we do go one step further.

Bin rentals, servicing and waste removals

We’re an all-in-one sort of company. In other words, we’ll install whatever medical or offensive waste bins you need and maintain them or as long as you like. Here are a few examples:

Sanitary Bin rentals
The disposal of sanitary waste in the workplace is something every workspace should consider carefully. Our slimline, pedal-operated feminine hygiene bins are discrete and suitable for all feminine hygiene products. You can choose to have them serviced weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This service includes all waste removal as well as thorough cleaning and deodorising every time. Therefore they’re ideal sanitary bins for small businesses and large. Find out more >

Nappy Disposal Bin rentals
Coming in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your washroom, these bins are a hygienic and convenient way to dispose of baby waste. These can be serviced as often as you like and custom schedules are more than welcome. Find out more >

Image of Nappy bin rentals available.

Medical Waste Bin rentals
These are ideal for all medical facilities, including tattoo parlours, where you might find a biohazard waste bin for items covered in bodily fluids. Items like plasters, bandages, etc. We have varying sizes to suit your needs and they can all be serviced and cleaned as required. Find out more >

Image showing the types of Medical waste bin rentals on offer.

Sharps Bin rentals
This kind of clinical waste disposal bin is for waste which needs to be handled with care and to strict guidelines. Sharp items like syringes, needles, etc. These bins are designed to keep you and your staff safe until disposal – the lid cannot be removed, the opening only goes one way, and it’s 100% sealed to prevent access to the potentially dangerous items. We can advise on the type and colour of sharps bin you need, just give us a call to find out more about our sharps bin disposal and hazardous waste service. Find out more >

Cleaning and waste removal contracts

For peace of mind, we offer bin rentals and servicing on waste disposal contracts of varying lengths. For instance, you can choose between 12, 24 and 36-month agreements for a completely hassle-free garbage collection service.

These contracts are flexible and customers get excellent value for money. Each contract includes:

  • Installation
  • Regular waste removal
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Arranged servicing

More importantly, you’ll see a familiar face each time as every business has a fully-trained CRB-checked representative. This same Rep. looks after your waste week after week; they know where the bins are, how often they need to visit, and who to speak to when they’re there. Ultimately, everything is looked after for you, and you save time and money too.

Professional, proper disposal of waste

You are responsible for making sure that your company’s waste is taken care of and disposed of in the correct way, as stated in the Duty of Care Act 1991. We’re authorised and licensed by regulatory bodies to be a part of that journey and as such, we will help transport your medical and offensive garbage to accredited waste disposal services.

The two services we use are:

  1. The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Incineration Site
  2. Tradebe Healthcare Ltd

We’re committed to the environment. So, we follow the correct procedures for waste bin rentals and disposal to support this goal 100%.

Other rental services for workplace washrooms

In addition to waste bin installations and collections, we also install and maintain a number of other vital washroom services including:

  • Air fresheners
  • Soap systems
  • Roller towel dispensers
  • Automatic sanitisers
  • Barrier mats
  • Vending machines and consumables
  • Water management
  • And more

To sum up, we can help you achieve complete peace of mind that all your washroom services are taken care of to a high, clean standard – all you’ll need to do is keep the rest of the place clean and tidy.

So, why not simplify your waste collection and washroom services with a Janitorial Direct contract for bin rental and waste removal? They’re flexible, reliable and take away all the hassle of waste disposal. Just book in, schedule your services and get on with your working day confident in the knowledge that you’re adhering to regulations, staying compliant and keeping your employees safe and sound.