Get back to work with hand sanitising stations

Image of a hand reaching for a hand sanitiser bottle with virus particles floating around it.

More and more of us are making our way back into our clean office and work environments with strict procedures in place – hand washing rules, minimum distance requirements, sanitising stations and more. But for those staff members not yet ready to break out into the new world, there are things employers and managers can do to ease their minds. Here you’ll find out all about:

– Sanitising stations
– Safety screens & sneeze guards
– Commercial cleaning options

Getting back to work can be done safely, so find out how you can give your employees peace of mind…

Sanitising stations

If you’ve ventured out to the supermarket or a retail store in the town centre, you’ve most likely seen a do-it-yourself sanitising station comprising of a bottle of hand sanitiser and maybe some disinfectant spray and blue roll for your basket or trolley. This is all well and good since it’s one of the government’s safety requirements for shops and branches, but it’s pretty basic, and after a bunch of people have been touching everything on the sanitising station, it can be messy or unhygienic.

However, there are several smart retailers who have gone a tad more high tech. These shops are using hands-free, automatic sanitising stations thereby removing the need for customers to touch anything at all. As a result, there is much less opportunity for cross-contamination and bacteria or virus spreading.

Image of our tall, freestanding titanium hand sanitising station

For example, our Janitorial Direct version of this is the Hands-free Titanium Sanitising Station. What’s great is that it’s completely battery-powered, so less health and safety concerns straight away. Moreover, it takes up less room than a table so you can place it anywhere you need it to be – at the entrance to the office or in the kitchen – there’s some more guidance here. The key is to keep a clean office. And it’s easy to keep these stands clean:

  • Wipe it down with disinfectant regularly
  • Clear out and clean the ABS drip tray
  • Keep the dispenser nozzle clear of any residue
  • Keep the 1litre dispenser full of high-quality hand sanitiser.

These sanitising stations are touch-free, bug-free and will no doubt help your employees feel a little safer in the workplace. Find out about our hands-free Titanium Sanitising Station today >

Safety Screens & Sneeze guards

Some supermarkets have installed safety screens at the checkout counters to better protect their employees in such a close and small environment. But it’s also a part of the official government get back to work guidance too. It states that in order to reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practical level, “Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other” is a further mitigating action when 2m social distancing cannot be followed. The science behind them is solid. We know that COVID-19 particles are spread through small droplets in a person’s breath through the nose or mouth. These droplets, and your breath, can be projected much further than you think. However, safety screens catch these droplets and stop the flow of air before it hits a colleague or customer.

We’ve got many styles and shapes of Safety Screen and Sneeze Guard available at Janitorial Direct:

Image of worker behind a desk and l shaped safety screen with customer or co-worker standing in front of it.

The ‘L’ safety screen – Ideal for corner desks or adding separations to groups of four, it’s lightweight, clear and perfect for stopping pathogens from both sides.

Image of a two workers separated by one of our front safety screens

The ‘Front’ safety screen  – Great for protecting between two facing desks for both users

Image of one of our service safety screens with a 15cm gap for the exchange of goods.

The ‘Service’ safety screen – With a small 15cm gap along the bottom for handling transactions, this one is best for checkouts or service counters.

To sum up, if you can’t stick to the 2m, then you need to have additional protection in place. So, think about installing a safety screen or two to block those droplets.

Commercial cleaning options

Above all, Office cleaning will be front of mind for the foreseeable. Most likely until the COVID-19 vaccines are readily available to all. As such, we’ll all be keeping this clean and disinfected for a while yet.

In other words, the best thing to do is ensure you clean regularly and even more so in high traffic touch points like light switches and handles. If you employ a commercial cleaning company, they’re most likely already informed on where and what they need to do. However, handy signs around the office wouldn’t hurt to help your staff feel safer. Our Back to Work Centrefeed Deal is a good option for this kind of everyday office cleaning.

Image of someone misting and office with the gun from the Prochem Micro-mist surface disinfecting system.

In addition, why not ask your cleaners if they can mist the whole office with an antiviral disinfectant?

Tools like The Prochem Micro-Mist Surface Disinfecting System pair perfectly with our Antiviral Disinfectant to completely cover every inch of the workplace. Just make sure there’s no people and food around.

In short, our safety screens to hand sanitising stations and commercial cleaning ideas, these measures are sure to help your employees feel better about returning to a smaller, more crowded workspace. So, keep up with the office cleaning, boost your measures with a few extra items and welcome your staff back to a space that’s as virus-proof as it can be.