Fill your soap dispensers up during the day

The benefits of daytime cleaning are becoming more and more obvious to employers, employees and caretakers alike.

The most obvious change daytime cleaning provides is that it becomes visible – to both employees and customers. They get to see simple acts like topping up the toilet roll dispensers and filling up the soap dispensers first hand – little things that show the company cares. Keeping your washroom services in perfect order can benefit the relationships of clients and employees in your offices – they will see that keeping their working environment clean and tidy is an important priority for the employers.

Another benefit of daytime cleaning is that it can often bring down costs. Having staff working at more sociable working hours means lower wages and less travel expenses. This can allow employers to recruit and retain better staff – and the staff will be able to have a better work/social life balance. Some of the bigger savings can be made at an operational level – janitors can see which areas of the building are used the most and which are barely used at all. Staff can then see where they need to clean less rigorously or not at all – saving both time and money.

Not having the building open at night also has its benefits, reducing costs to the consumers because the building will not have to be kept open at night, therefore saving on electricity bills and saving on security costs – this also allows the carbon footprint of the organisation to be reduced.