Dysons new mystery device will not be a hand dryer, vacuum or washing machine

Dysons newest product is being kept tightly under wraps; the latest invention will be unveiled later this month.

The new invention has been kept shrouded in mystery, Dyson have stated it will not be a hand dryer, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. This statement has stopped rumours that Dyson may have been ready to put a robot vacuum on the market – a vacuum that would need no human intervention for cleaning.

This will be Dysons first major device since the launch of the Air Multiplier fan in 2009 – a bladeless fan that won many awards but has not been massively popular. More successful in 2006 was the Dyson Airblade, which has been installed in many commercial bathrooms across the UK.

The new secret product is thought to be accountable for the late launch in the UK of the DC37 – Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaner.

Whether Dyson’s newest invention is successful or not, the name alone always creates excitement when launching new products and remains one of the few UK engineering firms to be recognised internationally.