Dyson reveal their new invention

Dyson have now moved into the electrical heater industry, with their latest product made for heating rooms.

Dyson are known for selling millions of bagless vacuum cleaners, hand dryers and bladeless fans, their new product will see them reaching into the heating industry.

The heater will retail at £269 and is said to be faster and more efficient than products available at present. Sir James Dyson has said that he hopes the device will see impressive annual sales over the coming three years.

Th[e] business [of electric heaters] is at least as large as the vacuum cleaner sector and I hope we will do as well in this as we have done in floor cleaners, said Sir James.

The company founded by Sir James in 1993 has seen success in recent years despite the troubled economy. Last years sales totalled $1.2bn, with most coming from vacuum sales and the rest from fans and hand dyers, including the very popular airblade dryers.

The new invention uses air movement technology the same used in the blade-less fans it produces. Dyson also used ideas from jet engines and turbo-chargers. The fan blows air through a heating element at 10-15 litres per second. This heats rooms very quickly wasting only a small amount of energy.

One of the benefits of the new device is that it will heat all the air in the room to reduce the effect of hot and cold spots. Sensors measure the temperature of the surrounding air so that once the desired temperature is reached, the system cuts out, making the product much more efficient and useful than comparable heaters, he said.

Sir James has said his latest venture is part of the organisations attempt to become a broadline technology company. I would not limit the company to particular areas of technology or markets. We are developing a range of technologies to improve both industrial and consumer products so that the people using them get a better experience than with the comparable items that currently exist.