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Image of someone washing their hands with plenty of soap and water under a running tap

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re all well practised at washing our hands and touching as little as possible when we’re outside our homes and workplaces. Yes, we’ve all used automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in supermarkets and we immediately wash our hands or use antibacterial hand gel before eating in a restaurant. But did you know there are ways to make scenarios like this even more-virus-free?

Read on to find out all about our innovative products:

  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • Automated paper-towel dispenser
  • Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Maybe it’s time to go touch-free to help manage a potential second coronavirus wave?

Automatic soap dispenser

Firstly, did you know that sales of hand soap have soared this year? And rightly so. It’s been reported that sales increased by 102% at the start of March compared to 2019. And that went up even more when the lockdown was initiated. People at home stocked up for the long run, and it certainly changed the way we think about our hands outside.

Similarly in the workplace, hand washing and good hygiene are essential to help prevent the spread of viruses and disease. And there’s loads of government guidance on how offices and workplaces can make a difference, but you can’t make people do anything.

Did you know that before the pandemic it was estimated only 60% of office workers in the UK washed their hands after going to the toilet? Source

All you can do is follow the guidance and try installing an easy, touch-free soap dispenser instead of a countertop version as a way to encourage it.

Image of an automatic soap dispenser

Automatic Soap dispenser
Benefits of an automatic soap dispenser:

  • Less chance of contamination
  • Less soap wastage
  • Less time in the bathroom
  • Cleaner, less cluttered bathroom space

Automated paper-towel dispenser

Hand drying is just as, if not more important than washing your hands. This is because research shows that,

The transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin; therefore, the proper drying of hands after washing should be an integral part of the hand hygiene process in health care.” Source

So, especially now, drying your hands thoroughly after washing is imperative.

The types of hand drying:

  • Hand towels are what we use at home to dry our hands, which is fine. But did you know that you should be changing them out for fresh ones every two days?
  • Air dryers are popular in commercial settings as they are considered more eco-friendly. However, while they don’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19, they do take a long time to dry your hands – usually 30 seconds, which is a long time when you’re in a rush. As a result, there are more people leaving with wet hands, and as we know, wet or damp hands are ideal for bacteria spreading.
  • Paper towels are the most effective way to dry your hands during the pandemic. They’re faster and more effective at drying hands and therefore, reducing the risk of contamination.
Image of an automatic paper towel dispenser

Check out our range of Automatic paper-towel dispensers for example. They’re well-placed to help make your washroom more COVID and touch-free:
1. Kimberley Clark Automatic hand towel dispenser
2. Polished Stainless-Steel hand towel dispenser (pictured)
3. Mechanical Autocut Towel Dispenser

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

We’ve already touched on hand sanitising stations in a previous blog post, but their effectiveness and importance can’t be understated.

To clarify, these stations are hugely useful in reducing the spread of viruses in public and crowded places, and touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser stations add that extra hygienic edge.

Here are a few of the automatic hand sanitiser dispensers we have on offer:

Image of an automatic plastic floor-standing refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

Plastic floor-standing Refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Great for entrances and exits
  • Slim design
  • Easily refillable
  • Handy drip tray
  • Battery-powered
Image of an automatic stainless steel, floor-standing refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

Metal floor-standing Refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Great for entrances and exits
  • Slim, sleek design
  • Can hold hand sanitiser, lotions, soaps, creams and more
  • Useful drip tray
  • Battery-powered
  • Large 1l tank
Image of an automatic tabletop refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

Tabletop Refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Great for around the office and shop
  • Slim design
  • Handy drip tray
  • Battery-powered
  • Long running time
Image of an automatic modular refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

Modular Refillable hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Great for around the office and shop
  • Wall-mountable
  • Handy drip tray
  • Battery-powered
  • Long running time

More importantly, all these automatic dispensers have been designed to help prevent contamination in addition to encouraging personal hygiene. However, we do stock other dispensers to help meet all your other workplace requirements too (although, they’re not all automatic).

To sum up, we have a wide range of touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers, refillable automatic soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers to help keep your workplace hygienic for all. Above all, you need to remember to follow the guidance and restock your soap, sanitiser and COVID cleaning supplies regularly.