British People Have Little Faith in Restaurant and Fast-Food Hygiene Practices

A new survey has revealed that UK diners aren’t satisfied with the hygiene standards that staff at restaurants and fast food chains follow.

The poll, called the Barometer of Public Washroom Opinion, was conducted across Europe. It surveyed 4,000 people of which 500 were from the UK.

The shocking results revealed that one in five UK diners believe staff will serve food after it has been dropped on the floor and 16 per cent of people do not believe the chefs regularly wash their hands using soap dispensers before preparing food.

In the UK 65 per cent of people have walked out of a restaurant because of its appearance and 88 per cent believe that if the restaurant’s toilet is dirty and does not have properly stocked bathroom towel dispensers and hand soap dispensers, then the kitchen is likely to be of the same standard.

Almost a quarter of UK participants said that the cleanliness of the toilet is an important factor when visiting a restaurant.

Industry experts say that a sanitary toilet is essential, including providing bathroom towel dispensers and sealed hand soap dispensers.

“Hand hygiene is not rocket science – but it is crucial in a restaurant,” said SCA product and segment manager, Julie Ray.

“Diners need to feel confident about the hygiene standards in an eating establishment or they will simply not stay”.

And one way in which restaurants can help to instill this confidence is by providing clean, hygienic toilets equipped with stocked single-use paper towel dispensers and soaps in sealed cartridge systems within hand soap dispensers.

For fast-food chains, 28 per cent of Brits say they are either dirty or very dirty.

But the UK didn’t produce the highest numbers in the survey.

The Polish revealed they have the greatest concerns over their restaurant’s hygiene levels with a whopping 85 per cent of respondents admitting they have walked out of a restaurant because it was not clean.

Finland appears to warrant the greatest confidence in its restaurant industry, with 94 per cent of people believing staff regularly washes their hands.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with World Toilet Day on November 19.