Attract and retain staff with a clean working environment

Employers throughout the UK are becoming increasingly competitive, vying for the optimum staff the workforce has to offer.

With the competition fierce, more and more companies are turning to unorthodox methods to entice workers to join their staff.

One of the key tactics is making office cleanliness a priority, when prospective staff sees a clean work environment; they are more likely to take a job with the employer.

It is easy to disregard everyday office essentials such as hand dryers, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers, but the cleanliness and latest technologies in these items make a substantial impact on office staff who use them day to day.

When office floor carpets are spotted and stained and a company cannot be bothered to bring in professional steam cleaners or carpet cleaners, the carelessness can impact staff productivity.

As the latest technologies make better sanitation devices accessible to everyone, more and more workers want an up-to-date office environment.

Matt Oakley, the chairman of the British Council for Offices said “Companies are increasingly trying to improve their commercial property. Offering all the latest mod cons in order to keep staff productive and happy is increasingly becoming a tactic of employers.”

“It is clear that employers are starting to think more about [using] the office as a tool to attract and retain the best staff,” Mr. Oakley commented.

Evidently the “iPod generation” requires a place with enough amenities and facilities to go about their jobs effectively.

So the next time you decide to change your job or switch companies, take a look at the office and work environment.

If the company hasn’t invested anything in new sanitation technologies or cleanliness, you may need to think about how much they value their employees and their health and happiness.