Airblade; the most energy efficient way to dry your hands

The Dyson Airblade dryer is greenest way to dry your hands, according to new research backed by the Dyson company.

The report by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the environmental impact of hand drying, revealed the Airblade to be top in categories in the report; global warming potential, human health, ecosystem quality, cumulative energy demand, water consumption and land occupation.

This has left paper towels and electric hand driers at the bottom, the worst way to dry your hands.

The report by MIT found hand towels and hand dryers were by far the worst way environmentally to dry your hands.

Whether your bathroom towel dispenser is filled with standard paper towels or recycled ones they are both bad for the environment.

The majority of damage to the environment is as a result of the production, with packaging, bins and bin bags only accounting for around 10 per cent of the entire environmental impact of the product.

Traditional hand dryers are just as bad, the amount of time it takes and high rate of power needed both make this product not eco-friendly. The standard warm dryer also uses further power for the motor spin-down time.

The study, backed by technology company Dyson, perhaps not surprisingly, came to the conculsion that the Dyson Airblade dryer has the smallest environmental impact when compared with every other hand drying system.