5 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Janitorial Supplies

5 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Janitorial Supplies

At Janitorial Direct we supply a wide range of commercial janitorial cleaning products; both from our own specially formulated own brand and leading cleaning brands. One of the reasons we stock such a wide range of commercial janitorial supplies is because we know that each property is different and, as such, has its own cleaning needs. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 things you should consider when buying your commercial janitorial supplies.

Frequency of the clean

Some cleans, such as in the main office areas, will only need to take place once a day; while other areas, such as washrooms, need attention several times a day, and areas that require quarterly cleans, such as skirting boards, and 6 monthly cleans like high dusting with long lamb’s wool duster on poles that hold onto the dust. Busy commercial kitchen often have weekly deep floor cleans using degreasers and scrubber machines. When looking for commercial cleaning products it is important to keep in mind how often the area will need to be cleaned and, if it needs to be done often, look for supplies that come in large containers, for example washroom fluids in 5 litre bottles. As well as this, look for products that come with a bulk buy option, especially if there is a discount offered with the bulk buy.

The size of the area

The size of the area will have a huge impact on the type of products you buy. Again, the size of the area will determine the size of the product you look for, with large surface areas needing janitorial supplies that come in large containers. Floors are normally one of the largest areas that need to be cleaned; which is why it is advisable to opt for specific floor cleaning chemicals that are designed to tackle these large surface areas. Along with floor size there needs to be an appreciation of floor type and the foot fall and traffic over the whole area or in particular parts. Floors can be carpeted, or hard quarry tiles, vinyl, ceramic tiles, concrete, wooden, parquet, safety flooring and so on. Other large areas that need to be considered are walls, work surfaces and washroom surfaces. Often there are powerful multi surface cleaning products available in large containers that are ideal for these large surface areas.

Hygiene standards

While it is important for all cleans to results in good hygiene standards, some premises such as hospitals and kitchens, require high hygiene as a legal requirement. For these types of environments, it is important to choose cleaning products that are specially formulated with this level of hygiene in mind. At Janitorial Direct we supply a wide range of kitchen cleaning chemicals; a high number of these have been specially designed to meet the high hygiene standards legally required of commercial kitchens.

Tough stains

Another factor to keep in mind when buying your commercial janitorial supplies is how tough the stains are that need to be removed. Some commercial properties, such as restaurants and hotels, will often encounter tough stains that need to be removed. Products that provide a deep clean are ideal for these types of stains; as well as products that offer spot stain removal. An appreciation of the type of stain is vital information to decide on the correct stain remover, such as; is it oil based (tar, lipstick) or protein based (milk, egg, food) and also the length of time it has been on the floor too needs to be considered. Correctly selecting these types of products will make it much easier and quicker to remove tough stains.

Type of environment

The commercial environment will have an impact on the type of product you choose. For example, an environment that will often be used by the elderly, such as care homes or GP surgeries, will need products that provide high hygiene levels. Alternatively, environments that will be used by those with allergies would benefit from eco friendly cleaning products that use more natural ingredients.

Popular public environments with large number of people moving through an area, like railway stations, airport’s sports venues and so on have a bearing on what is used to clean, as speed and accessibility depending on time of day or night. This again will have a significant effect cleaning specific areas and the product choice.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right commercial janitorial supplies for your premises, however at Janitorial Direct we stock a wide range of products to ensure you are able to find exactly the right cleaning product for your needs.