5 Easy Ways to Stop the Smell in Your Bathroom

5 Easy Ways to Stop the Smell in Your Bathroom

5 easy ways to stop the smell in your bathroom

There is nothing worse than an unpleasant washroom. Have you even been to a fantastic restaurant, wine bar or theatre and one trip to the washroom changes your whole opinion of the place? Well people may think the same way about your establishment, so here are 5 easy ways to stop the smell in your bathroom.

  1. Odour Screens and Urinal Blocks

    The most common cause of smells in a bathroom area is urine (lovely, we know!) particularly in male toilets with urinals. In high traffic areas such as pubs; bars; airports; schools and train stations, it is near impossible to keep on top of this at all times. The solution for this is to use odour screens or urinal blocks (sometimes called toss blocks or urinal cakes). These help to combat the uric acid that causes the smell and to mask it with an embedded perfume. Nine time out of ten this will solve the problem.

  1. Air Care Units

    If you are an establishment that requires a nappy bin in a changing area or one of your toilets, then you will know that they can smell unpleasant. We know form first-hand experience what it can be like, with our washroom service division changing and cleaning them on behalf of customers all over the country. The solution comes in two easy steps; obviously changing your bin regularly will make a massive difference, the longer it is there the worse it will smell. If you combine this with using an air care unit you will be amazed at the results. Air care units are simply an automated unit that sprays an aerosol in the room or area in question leaving your changing room smelling fantastic.

  1. Auto Sanitisers

    Auto Sanitisers literally do what they say on the tin; they automatically sanitise the toilet for you. These can be used in both conventional toilets and in urinals. Like Air Care units they will periodically dispense a sanitising liquid, this time in to the cistern of the toilet. The sanitising liquid contains an enzyme that eats the uric acid that is produced when someone goes to the toilet. This is a great bit of kit that will make a difference. It is important to note however that the enzyme is damaged if you introduce bleach to the mix; this isn’t to say you can’t use bleach, just use it sparingly.

  1. Air Circulation

    Washrooms can become damp, it is just the nature of the area. Unless you have hand dryers or hand towels right by the sinks people will often have to walk with wet hand from one area to another dripping on the floor with other people working that around. If this isn’t dried up it will start to smell. The solution is to create some air flow; open a window if you can without affecting the privacy of the room; open the doors; and, if you have an extractor fan use it. This will help evaporate any excess moisture and avoid any mouldy smells.

  1. Grout Cleaning

    Grout can be very hard to clean and is often a breeding ground for bacteria. As well all know a lot of bathrooms have tiles and grouted areas. This one is simple; don’t let this become a big job. Because grout can be difficult to clean often people will leave it. Don’t, keep on top of it. Steam cleaners can be especially effective at cleaning grout and have the added benefit of killing 99.99% of bacteria because of the high temperature the steam comes out at.

So there you have it; some simple ways to stop the smell in your bathroom whether it’s at home, or in a business premises.