Ariel Biological - 110 wash

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Ariel Biological is perfect for your everyday washing needs.

Its unique formula has been designed to give you brilliant cleaning and stain removal results. Your clothes will keep looking new and fresh for longer and your whites will stay whiter.

With its great cleaning and stain removal properties, Ariel Biological is designed to help keep your clothes looking like new, with your whites staying white, wash after wash, all year round. With this Ariel Biological washing powder being used at a 30 degree wash saving electricity and also your carbon footprint. Being a 110 wash box this industrial size washing powder can be used in domestic areas as well as launderettes and other environments including nursing homes, schools and hotels.

Whites (from 30 to 95°C) Light colours (from 30 to 60°C) Mixed light colours (from 30 to 40°C).


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