Air Freshener Refill - Neutralle 243ml

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Air Freshner Aerosol 243ml refills for the Neutralle Air Freshner Unit 3000 Metered sprays in each can.

Neutralle Air Freshener Refill

The Neutralle Automatic Aerosol Odour Control System meets the number one requirement amongst the majority of washroom users- a 'clean and fresh smelling environment'.
The Neutralle Aerosol Odour Control system can be programmed to dispense 3000 fresh sprays of odour controlling fragrance at regular timed intervals to suit the individual washroom needs of your business or establishment.
The spray control can be adjusted to increase or decrease the time interval between each spray, from 5 to 25 minutes. The system can also be programmed to operate 24 hours a day on 'Day' or 'Nite' settings depending on the individual users needs.
The most sophisticated fragrances available in the away from home market, developed by leading European perfumiers using advanced research into fragrance preferences throughout Europe. All Neutralle fragrances contain the proprietary Microtrans odour neutraliser that ELIMINATES bad odours rather than just simply masking them.

243ml Aerosol Spray can.