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60 Day Triple Action P-Screen.

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P-Screen Urinal Deodoriser - Citrus Mango X6
ex VAT £36.00 inc VAT £43.20
P-Screen Urinal Deodoriser - Linen Breeze X6
ex VAT £36.00 inc VAT £43.20
P-Screen Urinal Deodoriser - Marine Musk X6
ex VAT £36.00 inc VAT £43.20

60 Day Triple Action P-Screen.

Introducing the new P-Screen, this urinal screen is not like any other. The P-Screen provides a powerful trio of 60 day dual fragrance delivery, an active ‘enzyme protected’ central core & the ultimate defence against splash back. These are also the first 100% recyclable & VOC exempt Urinal Screens.

Three Steps To The Ultimate Urinal Screen.

1)    Bubbles & Bristles – A smart combination of bubbles & bristles helps to reduce splash back by creating a surface which is difficult for water to rebound off. The design is protected with a registered design mark so truly is one of a kind.

2)    60 Day Dual Fragrance – P-Screen addressed fragrant fatigue, the all too common experience of losing sensitivity to an odour from over exposure, by providing powerful fragrances in 2 areas – the screen itself (bubbles) – and the central core (bristles). A citrus-scented central core is complemented by a choice of three fine fragrances.

3)    Active Central Core – The active central core provides impressive enzyme protection, containing naturally occurring bacteria that degrades organic matter, eliminating bad smells.

Fragrances available – Marine Musk, Linen Breeze, Citrus Mango