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Paper Disposables

Janitorial Direct offer a range of toilet rolls in different quantities suitable for domestic purchase as well as commercial and industrial. We realise that this is one of the most essential product lines we offer and as such we supply the largest quantity of high quality toilet rolls we possibly can. Having a reliable source of paper disposables for your business, organisation or household allows you to focus on other things without having to worry about your supply of affordable paper disposables.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

To support our range of paper disposables we also supply toilet roll dispensers suitable for all washrooms. These dispensers are available in a variety of designs and form factors to suit your requirements.

Other Paper Disposables

Our range of paper disposables also includes:

Hand Towels

Hand towels are an excellent way of offering a hand drying facility without the need for an electricity supply. They are also ideal in workplaces where spillages happen on a regular basis. Cleaning up using hand towels can save the time required to use and clean a non-disposable product.

Hywipe Industrial Rolls

These large rolls of paper disposables are ideal for use in any industrial, catering or domestic situation. They give you the ability to have over 140 metres of extra wide paper towel on demand. These are available with either the standard front feed or a centre feed which allows the roll to be stood on end. The desired amount can then be drawn out and torn off.


Adding an extra touch of class to your establishment with our range of napkins is easy. They allow you to demonstrate an extra level of service by using them to line baskets and wrap cutlery as well as skilfully folding them which adds to the presentation of any meal.