Janitorial Direct stock a large range of cleaning machines suitable for different types applications in industry, retail and around the home


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  • Cimex
  • Cleanfix
  • Karcher
  • Kranzle
  • Numatic
  • Osprey
  • Prochem
  • Truvox
  • Vax
  • Victor

Janitorial Direct stock a large range of cleaning machines suitable for different types applications in industry, retail and around the home.

Pressure Washers

Karcher is the world leading brand of pressure washer available today. We are proud to supply their equipment, spares and accessories to domestic and commercial customers. These versatile devices allow effortless cleaning of hard surfaces. Their lightweight yet durable construction makes them the ideal tool for removing stubborn dirt or stains from patios and driveways.

Industrial Vacuums & Cleaning Machines

These durable units provide maximum power and range for cleaning large areas, efficiently. Within our range you will find cleaning machines tailored to different working environments. We have vacuums which are specifically designed for hazards from saw dust to fine particles. Where safety is key to your cleaning operation we can supply the right vacuum for you.

Dry Tub Vacuums Cleaners

This type of cleaning machine provides a lightweight, durable solution to cleaning long corridors or open plan office spaces. The rugged construction of these units also offers a long service life, high productivity and efficiency while remaining compact enough to store with ease. Depending on your requirements, you can select from special features of models within the range that provide fine filter systems to maintain a healthy environment and low noise models which limit the disturbance to staff or customers in the surrounding area.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The lightweight construction of these cleaning machines allows them to be moved with minimal effort while maintaining high standards of durability. Rollers beneath the base lift dirt from carpets, maximising the effect. The ability to fold flat allows them to reach surfaces in space restricted areas.

Wet Pickup Vacuums Cleaners

These versatile cleaning machines provide unparalleled cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets. Selected models will filter litter and debris into a separate chamber, making it easier to empty while others provide a HEPA filter for the highest level of efficiency for removing airborne particles.

Scrubber Dryer Machines

These industrial cleaning machines combine high productivity and range with the ability to clean to the very edge of a floor area with ease.

Sweeping Machines

These high performance machines are excellent for outdoor public or communal areas. Lifting leaves and litter as they move. This makes for a safer working environment as there is no need to manually pick up hazardous or unsightly litter.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Our range of carpet cleaners can be used to thoroughly service rugs and soft furnishings as well as carpeted areas. They are compact and manoeuvrable while maintaining the largest possible range. Also within this section we have floor dryers. Prochem machines are a leading range of industrial carpet cleaning machines, the Supernova is one of the largest machines in the range and is capable of thoroughly cleaning up to 370 metres squared in one hour.

Polishing Machines

If you need to create a glossy finish to hard flooring these devices are perfect. You may also like to know that we supply battery operated models for areas otherwise inaccessible.

Steam Cleaning Machines

These cleaning machines make light work of housekeeping tasks by providing exceptional power combined with a compact construction. Janitorial Direct are proud to be registered suppliers of Osprey steamers, these versatile steam cleaners are capable of many different jobs from removing mould from tile grout to removing oil marks on concrete or tarmac.

To the right are several categories of our range of cleaning supplies. Please feel free to select the category of your choice to browse through the extensive range of supplies. If you cannot see the machine you require, if you would like help making a selection or if you wish to receive a copy of our full product catalogue, then please contact us and one of our experienced team will be happy to help and advise you.