Janitorial Direct has a universal selection of cleaning chemicals covering Carpet Cleaning Chemicals this includes specialist Prochem carpet cleaning chemical.


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  • Johnson
  • P & G
  • Prochem

Janitorial Direct has a universal selection of cleaning chemicals covering Carpet Cleaning Chemicals this includes specialist Prochem carpet cleaning chemical. We supply chemicals in conjunction with Prochem carpet cleaning machinery. Such chemicals are used to remove protein stains i.e. food, eggs, milk, etc, plus we supply spotters to clean tar, red wine and rust from carpets etc.

We supply cleaning chemicals suitable for use on:

  • Carpets
  • Other Flooring
  • Kitchens
  • Industrial Workplaces
  • Food Preparation Surfaces
  • Bars
  • Multi-Purpose

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

Our floor cleaning chemicals consist of products suitable for cleaning hard floors of all types. Our product descriptions provide suggestions of the types of flooring they can be used on. If you're unsure which cleaning products to use on a particular surface please contact us. The floor cleaning chemicals are largely SC Johnson products; like floor stripper, floor undercoat, floor gloss, mat polish and floor maintainers as well as the applicators.

Kitchen & Laundry Cleaning Chemicals

If you need to sanitise any kind of kitchen surface, cutlery or fabrics we can supply the right product at the right price. We provide established brands such as Flash, Persil, Bold, Bounce, Lenor, Dettol and Mr Muscle to name a few. Further bulk discounts are available on selected products making them even better value. Where available you will see a bulk discount symbol next to the 'add to basket' icon.

Catering & Bar Cleaning Chemicals

Our catering and bar cleaning chemicals are made from constituents designed to clean down catering environments, while preserving the original colour and finish of the surface. An essential part of operating a bar is that the lines which feed the beer taps remain free of impurities.

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Our industrial cleaning chemicals have special properties such as a low foaming floor cleaner for use with a scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine. We also supply de-greasers, bleach and rock salt.

General Cleaning Chemicals

Our extensive range of products go beyond kitchens, bars and industrial environments. These products include glass and floor cleaning liquids, polishes for specific types of surface as well as multi purpose polishes, bleaches and disinfectants, air fresheners and washing up liquids.

You may also be interested to know that we also supply paper disposable products, including toilet rolls, hand towels, Hywipes rolls, Napkins, Centre feed rolls and Facial wipes

Janitorial Direct encourages intelligent washroom systems that reduce and control paper usage.

With our range of dispensers, not only are they easy to use but they also save you time and money by ensuring that the paper you pay for is used, resulting in clear savings for your pocket and the environment. Manufactured from tough high quality impact resistant materials they are hygienic, vandal proof, chemical and flame resistant.

Our products allow you to support a wide range of applications from low traffic areas in bars factories and restaurants to high usage and sudden requirement facilities such as hospitals, theatres and sports stadiums. Whether you require cleaning chemicals for hotels, pubs, restaurants, offices, guest houses, schools, motorway service stations, cinemas, factories, local authorities, nursing homes, leisure centres, sports clubs, shopping centres we can supply the right product for you.

To support the paper products and dispensers we also provide vending machines to be used in similar areas. The vending machines also provide the facility to vend a large variety of items to, customers, patients, employees, or visitors, depending on the environment. The vending range of products include towels, tampons, condoms, paracetamol, nappies, even ladies tights, these are all available from stock. We can even deliver you machines fully stocked, including fitted batteries, ready to hang on the wall.

Also connected to the hand dryers and vending machines are a wide variety of associated products such as soaps and soap systems including the Go Jo range including GoJo hand soap, Purell alcohol based gel, GoJo anti-bactericidal soap, hair and body hygiene and skin moisturising and GoJo heavy duty hand cleaners, which can be dispensed using the NXT FMX, Bag in Box and portable dispensing systems. To compliment the paper products, we provide numerous baby care products, such as baby changing units, and other washroom related goods, such as nappy bins, feminine hygiene units, and odour control and air fragrance systems.

Cleaning machines like carpet cleaners, sweepers, scrubber dryers, upright vacuum cleaners and cylinder vacuums are also a mainstay of our vast range. Karcher pressure washer and floor care machines are available from Janitorial Direct.

Janitorial Directs wide and varied customer base also benefit from our range of Janitorial and hardware goods, such as buckets, mopping systems, brushes brooms, spray bottles, mats of all sizes, carts trolleys and containers.

The above goods are further supported by specialist carpet cleaning chemicals, floor care chemicals, bathroom, bar and kitchen cleaners, and laundry powders.